Summary of 2011 releases

The current version of the German TaxEngine is 1.1.1. In 2011, the following releases have occurred. For a complete version history please click here.

== v1.1.1 (December 2011) ==
* Upgraded framework to version 1.2.2
* Auto reset FSA values over year change
* Fixed issue with search client not working if company field set to NULL
* The PositionsGet web service now returns zero values instead of null values when no used amounts are found
* Fixed issue with loading jQuery date picker script

== v1.1.0 (1 August 2011) ==
* Extended SOAP interface PositionsGet to retrieve FSA positions and usage on previous years
* Fixed issue in TxnAdd SOAP interface where values were being returned for last calculated record instead of current record (531084)
* Added upload of dump files functionality

== v1.0.8 (18 June 2011) ==
* Added new options to handle FSA, in function of chosen business process

== v1.0.7 (June 2011) ==
* Added export to CSV file for reports

== v1.0.6 (May 2011) ==
* Fixed rounding issue in return value of Reconcile web service (299216)
* Added FSA validity date to ClientAdd and ClientUpdate web service (366887)
* Added used FSA and other buckets to GetPositions web service (998348)
* Fixed issue with FSA set to zero during client update not registering the zero value but keeping the old FSA value (285420)

== v1.0.5 (May 2011) ==
* Fixed issue with FSA reset to zero not updating correctly
* Set church tax to 0% in case the Bundesland is not known
* Added shortcut to create new user roles

== v1.0.4 (May 2011) ==
* Changed Reconcile web service, ReconcileRequest field “type” from float to string
* Fixed issue with client update button not working via online web interface
* Added tests on existence of historical client record in case of a client update
* Changed sort in client overview so that the latest record is always shown first
* Fixed issue with empty death date and birth date in client creation and update (453505)
* Fixed formatting issue of death date and birth date in case of empty values (745772)
* Fixed issue with church tax set to ‘no church tax’ not interpreted correctly in case of a change of customer attributes (918488)
* Fixed issue with tax indicator set to ‘not subject to tax’ not interpreted correctly in case of a change of customer attributes

== v1.0.3 (8 May 2011) ==
* Improved performance of calculations
* Added new correction web service
* Added new reconciliation web service
* Broke down ClientAdd web service into ClientAdd for new client creation and ClientUpdate for update of client tax attributes
* Removed option for temporary transaction cancellation
* Added check to see if database configuration file exists before continuing and avoiding system error message
* Updated packaging not to include /config contents in release zip file
* Changed deployment method for default database configuration file
* Fixed warning “Declaration of submitZfSubElement::verifyall() should be compatible with that of zfSubElement::verifyall()”
* Redirect user to engine page after selecting a customer
* Don’t show engine menu if no access
* Added locking of customer when processing transaction to manage concurrent processing on same customer
* Added access control on web service calls

== v1.0.2 (10 April 2011) ==
* Don’t show “Add column” if development framework not installed
* Some lists not aligned properly on screen
* Changed the way dump query function works
* Moved template scripts to template folder
* Fixed issue with redirects not working
* New web service to Show used FSA and other exemption buckets
* Implement export scenario function

== v1.0.1 (23 January 2011) ==
* Adjusted directory structure
* Don’t allow deletion of own user
* Added user password reset option for administrator
* Changed table views to extend over whole width of screen
* Strengthened user security
* Moved sessions storage from file to DB
* Renamed Administration menu to Setup menu

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