Summary of 2012 releases

The current version of the German TaxEngine is 1.2.0. In 2012, the following releases have occurred. For a complete version history please click here.

== 1.2.0 (November 2012) ==
* Added new calculation method (684221)
* New option to cancel operations via the import corrections batch interface (440780)
* New option to upload backdated FSA compatible with new calculation mode in import corrections batch (440780)
* Fixed issue with reset FSA process
* Changed ordering of transactions to present customer records before transaction records
* Updated framework to version 1.4.5
* Added year selector in engine screen
* Added totals used and available in engine screen
* New report to list FSA (549329)
* Removed obsolete templates directory
* Removed obsolete logs directory

== v1.1.5 (June 2012) ==
* Added new clients current FSA report
* Updated jQuery library to version 1.7.2
* Moved client forms to framework
* Changed distribution amount fields to new format
* Added possibility to log received web service calls
* Added new transaction import function
* Added new directories fwktec/fields, fwktec/includes,fwkusr/includes

== v1.1.4 (May 2012) ==
* Added new report ‘Clients current FSA’
* Added new report ‘Clients latest set FSA’
* Updated framework to version 1.3.1

== v1.1.3 (February 2012) ==
* Deduct customer type from group type instead of from individual client in case of group clients
* Distribute assets usage equally over clients if usage doesn’t total 100%
* Made percentage usage mandatory in add client and update client web services
* Updated framework to version 1.3.0

== v1.1.2 (January 2012) ==
* Added new ‘FSA Reset’ process
* Added new ‘FSA Reset Corrections’ report
* Upgraded framework to version 1.2.3
* Fixed issue with the ClientUpdate web service where in some cases the historic client record retrieved wasn’t the most recent one

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