UK NEQAS H&I Navigates The Pandemic With Naqoda Lifeline

Thanks to Amy De’ath for participating in the first round of our pandemic series.

Hi Amy, could you please tell us what your role is within UK NEQAS for H&I?

UK NEQAS for H&I Operations Manager.

Could you tell us about the system Naqoda has built and what role it has in your organisation?

As providers of a specialist scientific service which supports laboratories providing testing for organ transplantation across the globe by assessing the quality of lab testing and reporting, we required a custom-made system.  NAQODA has built us a completely bespoke system, the EQAITS, which lies at the centre of our entire business.  The EQAITS allows us to register and manage new and existing customers, it provides a Portal to our customers where they can access their own dashboard to manage their laboratory access, registration and participation in the schemes we provide, reports and invoicing.  The system also allows semi-automated assessment of results, issuing of reports and the management of follow-ups.  

How did Naqoda’s cloud-based solution enable you to carry on working from home during the past year?

The cloud based system has meant that my team can work from anywhere in the World on a range of devices.  This has been an essential component of being able to continually provide a service throughout the pandemic.  The system is also highly adaptable which again has been instrumental in allowing us to adjust our services as the pandemic has evolved.  We would have really struggled to alter our approach had it not been for the flexibility that the EQAITS allows us.

With regards to the Naqoda system you use, how easy or difficult has it been transitioning from its use in the office/lab to home working?

The EQAITS has allowed a seamless transition from office to home working.  We have recently welcomed a new member of staff to our team and it has been really evident how well the system has been designed that, after initial training, they can intuitively navigate the EQAITS with minimal supervision.

How has your experience of Naqoda support been during lockdown? 

The Naqoda team are more than just system developers.  We view them as an extension of our team.  They are extremely responsive to any issues logged on the support portal and resolve any problems almost immediately.  The Naqoda team also go above and beyond our requests, often making suggestions and improvements that we had not even considered.