Big Help for Small Businesses – London & Partners Leans On Naqoda During Pandemic

Carole Morgan chats to us about working with Naqoda during the Pandemic.

Hi Carole, please could you tell us your role within London & Partners?

I am a Business Growth Manager on the Business Growth Programme at London & Partners. The Business Growth Programme is a Beauhurst recognised programme that supports London-based technology businesses to grow.

Could you tell us about the system Naqoda has built and what role it has in your organisation?

London & Partners engaged with Naqoda at the start of the Business Growth Programme in 2017 to create a bespoke platform that helped us to diagnose the challenges that small businesses faced as they grew their businesses. Through a series of questionnaires, we were able to explore their activities across a range of business areas, identified challenges and offer potential solutions through the programme’s activities and our third-party associates. The platform was built and used at the beginning of our journey with over 1000 businesses. 

How did Naqoda’s cloud-based solution enable you to carry on working from home during the past year?

Being cloud-based gave us the opportunity to access the platform wherever we held our meetings with companies, whether in our offices, in a coffee bar or more recently when working from home. 

How has your experience of Naqoda Support been?

Naqoda has been great to work with. From the very beginning Philippa Pedersen took time to understand the Business Growth Programme’s requirements. They assisted in the design and creation of a comprehensive and bespoke platform that enabled us to better support our clients during their journey on the Programme as well as our extended offer. The Naqoda team has been very friendly and professional to work with and have promptly addressed any questions we’ve had and helped us get the most from the platform. 

Thank you to Carole Morgan for partaking in the second round of our pandemic series.