Core Banking Platform

Today's core banking solution built for tomorrow's banks

Less but better

Naqoda Banking Platform is built on the premises of simplicity, affordability, extensibility, maintainability & community. We believe that modern technology is a key ingredient of a compelling banking platform. Gone should be the days of monolitic core banking solutions. Today is a time of micro-services architecture and real-time data streaming and we believe a core banking solution should exploit these technologies.


Naqoda Banking Platform comes with a vast range of features focused on core banking products & processing. It integrates with 3rd party systems for features such as accounting, local and international payments and regulatory reporting. Integrated with best of breed solutions makes Naqoda Banking Platform easy to implement.


Naqoda Banking Platform is a core banking system built with the latest technology. It is based on a micro-services architecture, is cloud enabled and has an open API. Furthermore its low-code framework and integrated tool-set let’s you extend and adapt the application with minimal or no programming.


Naqoda Banking Platform embraces simplicity in design. Its clean, consistent look-and-feel will make your users and customers feel at home at once. Its integrated event driven work flow enables effortless management. Extending your system or modernising a legacy application can now been done efficiently and quickly.


Naqoda Banking Platform is designed to keep meeting your changing requirements for years to come. Continuous deployment ensures that changes can be quickly and safely deployed. Our market place offers an opportunity to share your modules with other users or find that missing component you were looking for.

Challenger bank or challenging bank

Whether you're a challenger bank, an established bank leveraging your existing brand or a new entrant wanting to enter consumer banking, you can start today.

Challenger bank

New banks launching an out of the ordinary and exciting user experience.

Established brand

Banks leveraging their existing brand to introduce a compelling new offer.

New entrant

Telcos, utilities, high-street chains wanting to enter retail banking.

Endless features out of the box

Naqoda Banking Platform supports a variety of banking products to get you started.