Define and manage a variety of transactional accounts.

Launch new products quickly

The product factory enables you to define various different types of accounts such as current accounts, savings accounts and term deposits.
It is the same product factory used to define loan products which ensures consistency throughout the system.

Tailor your products

The product factory contains a library of product components which allows you to rapidly assemble new products.
For example a savings account with yearly credit interest or a current account with monthly interest and a yearly fee.
If required, you can add new components to reflect a particular way of calculating interest or fees.

Term deposit opening screenshot

Easy account creation

The account opening processes are pre-defined and configurable via the workflow editor.
You can easily add new steps, new decision rules to fine-tune the account opening process to your requirement.
Different types of accounts can be associated with different types of workflows.

Account dashboard screenshot

Account dashboard

Easily manage accounts via the familiar dashboard view.
Account information such as transaction history, calculation history, schedule workflow events and product characteristics helps you manage accounts from a centralised place.