The 10 centimetre revolution

2011 is the year of mobile aka near field communication (NFC) payments.


Well this year it definitely looks more promising. According to analyst firm Juniper Research, mobile phone payments will reach a critical mass this year thanks to the creation of eco systems uniting hand set vendors, loyalty providers, trusted service managers, retailers and mobile phone operators. In the US, operators have already teamed up to build NFC infrastructure under the Isis alliance. Similar initiatives are on-going in the Netherlands and Korea.
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Mobile banking is about small screen real estate

Is it a sign of economic recovery that people at Sibos 2010 have such a good sense of humour?

Like this speaker at the Mobile Keynote who stated that “mobile banking is about small screen real estate”. Hilarious!

In case you didn’t know yet, mobile is not just a new channel and should certainly not be considered as one. Don’t think that it’s just about taking your products and making them available via the mobile channel just like you did with the Internet channel. No, there are many more opportunities than that.

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Mobile banking quickly reaching maturity in Europe, really?

This was a very unexpected statement from one of the speakers at the Mobile Keynote at Sibos 2010.

Next time you do a presentation, try the following with your audience.

Ask how many people have a mobile phone. 100% show of hands.
Ask how many people have a smart phone. 50% to 70%.
Ask how many people have more than one smart phone. 10% to 15% (make a note of their names and don’t invite them next time, they’re geeks).
Ask how many people use their smart phone for mobile browsing, gaming, etc, anything other than making calls. 100%.

Then ask how many people do mobile banking on their phone. 3% to 5%.
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