Competition Management System

The ball is in your court

Making sports management easy – a super system for managing membership, competitions, and invoicing with ease.

We believe that modern technology is a key ingredient of a compelling competition management system. Gone should be the days of using multiple systems to manage teams and create fixtures. Today is a time of collaborative working and we believe a competition management system should embrace these methods. 


Naqoda Competition Management System comes with a vast range of key features such as registering clubs, managing teams, players and staff, invoicing, creating leagues, cups and championships, generating fixtures, team sheets, squad sheets and real time results and reporting.


Naqoda Competition Management System has been built with the latest technology. It is based on a micro-services architecture, is cloud enabled and has an open API. Furthermore its low-code framework and integrated tool-set let’s you extend and adapt the application with minimal or no programming.


Naqoda Competition Management System embraces simplicity in design. Its clean, consistent look-and-feel will make your users and customers feel at home at once. Its integrated event driven work flow enables effortless management. Replacing your system or modernising a legacy application can now been done efficiently and quickly.


Naqoda Competition Management System is designed to keep meeting your changing requirements for years to come. Continuous deployment ensures that changes can be quickly and safely deployed.

Built in collaboration

Discover how we built the Competition Management System with AOC Sport.

AoC Sport is the membership organisation for colleges, leading the development of sport and physical activity in 16+ education. AoC Sport believes and promotes that sport and physical activity are essential components of college life, giving students significant advantages in education, employment and health. AoC Sport’s vision is for every college student to participate regularly in sport or physical activity.

We provided AoC Sport with our Competition Management System. The cloud-based system consolidates all aspects of AoC Sport’s competition management from registration to results. Users can manage events, teams and players with ease.

We worked closely with the team at AoC Sport to produce a system that is user friendly and futureproof. We simplified the need for multiple systems for entries and fixtures, providing a flexible solution tailored to AoC Sport’s requirements.

Our Low-Code Development Platform provides full flexibility and our system can be configured and customised to meet your requirements.