Low-Code Development Platform

Today’s technology for tomorrow’s organisations.

Built for your organisation

Our customers face increasing user demands, more challenging compliance requirements, and stronger competition on a daily basis.​

Our customer base consists of various types of businesses and any organisation can benefit from our expertise. From a Collection Care System for The National Archives to a Competition Management System for AoC Sport, the diversity of applications demonstrates the platform’s flexibility.

Naqoda’s Low-Code Development Platform enables rapid delivery of software applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment.


You can build enterprise applications without programming. Whether you’re building a new ecommerce web application, a customer relationship management solution or modernising a legacy application, our development platform will help you do this efficiently and quickly.


Our platform includes its own forms designer offering a comprehensive and engaging visual developer experience. The designer can generate both the presentation and the service layer components enabling very rapid development. Application mock-ups can be built in minutes.


The Naqoda Low-Code Development Platform includes a graphical drag-and-drop workflow designer that lets you design your business process flows by simply assembling tasks. It’s embedded workflow controller provides enhanced page and operations flow control and comprehensive state management.

Business Application Development Framework & Toolkit

Naqoda's Low-Code Development Platform is a specialist framework for building interactive, transactional business applications very quickly.

Components For Business Applications

Components simplify the task of business service development and object relational mapping by virtue of their highly declarative metadata-based development style. The components offer data interaction and visualisation in a way that makes rich client application development easier than ever. These powerful components are visually designed and customised to allow declarative access to relational databases and web services. The business components can implement custom business functionality, declarative validation, security, as well as advanced functionality. With these components, web deployed, responsive user interfaces can be developed with a level of functionality and interactivity previously reserved for thick-client applications. The Naqoda Low-Code Development Platform is fully extensible. You can custom build the components that are specific to your business.

Built on strong foundations

A strong foundation based on interactive workflows, forms and business rules, makes our software tick.


The integrated drag-and-drop form designer lets you easily create and modify forms. Forms are used to interactively capture data during a process flow or to interact with your customers. Forms can be run in the browser, on a tablet, on a mobile device or consumed via an API, all from the same design.


Drag, drop, connect and run. It is easy to define workflows in Naqoda Development Platform using the integrated workflow designer. A library of prebuilt steps is included giving you a head start in configuring Naqoda Development Platform to match your business needs and not the other way around.

Decision Rules

The decision rules designer enables you to define your business logic so that the system can apply it consistently to your business processes. This not only leads to consistent execution but also provides a reference in terms of the rules themselves that helps in documenting your processes.

Today’s applications built with tomorrow’s technology

The combination of a robust framework, a micro-services architecture and open API’s ensures that applications are built to last.


The framework, built around forms, workflows and decision rules, provides the basis of our Low-Code Development Platform, supporting limitless configuration and customisation possibilities with minimal or no coding.


Application modules or services can be deployed independently from each other, offering your organisation unprecedented scaling ability and straightforward deployment flexibility.

Open API

Our open API works two ways. Not only does it offer the ability to access all application functions through REST, SOAP and file based interfaces, but communicating with other systems is also made extremely easy.

Cloud Enabled

Naqoda Development Platform cloud solution is an end-to-end solution that is purpose-built to leverage virtualised and containerised environments, has built-in mobility support with scale, meets security standards and aligns the value of data with the costs of protecting it.