The calculation process in 3 steps

Calculation Steps

Calculation Steps

  • Firstly, on the basis of the transaction data, the gross taxable basis is calculated. For example in the case of sale of funds, this would be the difference between the sell and purchase prices, minus the costs and corrected for interim gain and other elements.
  • Secondly, the client’s loss buckets, exemption amount, exemption certificate, etc are evaluated. This will possibly reduce the net taxable basis.
  • Thirdly the tax is computed on the basis of the net taxable basis. Church tax and solidarity tax are also calculated at this time.

The system is designed so that new transaction groups & categories can be added to the system with minimal effort.


Corrections in transactions, cancellations, updates of WMDaten data feeds, changes to customer static data, etc can lead to the need to recalculate tax. An optimisation process is provided in the solution that will take care of these corrections.