Client Data

Static data about the client required for the tax calculation are recorded in the system. This includes the following.

  • Calculation relevant data:
    • For all types of customers:
      • client identifier
      • client type: individual, member of a group, the group itself, company
      • tax residence
      • state (Bundesland)
      • tax identification number (TIN)
      • exemption certificate
      • exemption certificate expiry date
    • For individuals:
      • confession
      • exemption amount (FSA)
      • exemption amount validity date
      • deceased date
      • assets percentage split (for married couples)
  • Reporting relevant data:
    • For individuals:
      • first name & last name
      • title
      • academic title
      • previous name
      • birth date
    • For companies:
      • company name

Clients can be individual clients, groups of clients such as associations of individuals or married couples or companies.

A full history of all calculation relevant data is kept in the system for calculation purposes.